Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TIMELINE of "The Kite Runner"

1931- Baba is born
1963- Amir is born
1964- Hassan is born
1975- Amir wins the kite contest
-       Hassan’s rape
1976- Hassan and Ali leave
1981- Russian invasion
-       Amir and Baba leave Afghanistan and travel to Pakistan
1982- Amir and Baba arrive in San Francisco, USA
1985- Amir and Soraya get married
1990 - Hassan’s mother returns
-       Sohrab is born
1996- Taliban takes over
2001- Rahin Khan asks Amir to come back to Afghanistan
-       Amir travels to Afghanistan and begins his search for Sohrab
-       A few months later, he brings Sohrab back to the States
2002- Amir and Sohrab finally bond and gain their connection, when Amir runs the kite for Sohrab. 


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